My Beautiful Boy

Noah Rosenberg, SOM ’12

Grand Prize Winner 2011 Gerald F. Berlin Creative Writing Award

Mrs. Mehnde watches him go,
her husband of 62 years.
The doctor kneels in front of her.
“It’s time, Mrs. Mehnde.”
The physician hates this the most,
these moments
when he must be the voice
of death and not life.
“Have you done all you could?”
A nod.
Their life together
pours from her eyes.
At the foot of his bed,
he no longer looks old.
He is young and beautiful,
the Middle Eastern boy
who shared her life.
What a thing, to share a life,
she thinks and cries harder yet.
The children, the secrets,
the fears, the laughter.
What a thing to ask “remember when?”
and be told not only “yes,”
but spend the entire day
recalling just that moment.